did i have a good day today? why yes i did thank you

4JyApLphad lunch in beverly hills while talking to some very nice people, one of whom knew Daily Nexus legend Steve Elzer.

soon as i got home a headhunter called me about a job that sounds great but probably for one of my friends more than me

then i got to go to a free movie preview. they said it was the first time any audience has seen it.

i love going to those things. i hate knowing things about movies when they come out.

one of the things i didnt hear them say in Salinger was this thing i heard about him

i heard the reason the Catcher in the Rye is a red book with orange lettering is bc he hated pictures on his books

he just wanted people to read it and not judge it on anything else other than the words inside.

i feel that way about movies. fine tell me who’s in it if you want, but i dont care. just be good.

tonights was good. different. after they asked what movie did it remind you of.

none. good job.

speaking about nice things, while facebook chatting (?!?) a beautiful young lady in grad school wrote

You know, this will sound weird, but i think you had a little bit of influence on my decision to move here. My first contact with the idea of [this town] was through busblog. The way you wrote about it made it sound so lovely. When it came across my desk as a grad school option, I definitely took that into account. So thank you, internet stranger from my youth.

never in a gazillion years did i ever think that this humble blog would influence anyone even in the slightest way to anything

let alone a pretty serious life decision.

so yes, good day.

dear tony, can you suggest some love songs?


I got this very nice request via Twitter DM the other day. Sadly I didn’t see it till just now:

Hey Tony, Can I ask a favor? I’m old school, I don’t like much new music. And wouldn’t know where to find new stuff if I did. But I now have the need to find some “love” songs, if you can dig it. I like that Preatures song you mentioned tonight. Can you suggest a few more? I’d like something authentic with a little guitar involved somewhere. Something that speaks from the heart. Everything I look for goes back a couple decades. Thank you very much.

Great question that I totally love. Sadly I have to run to a movie. But here are my off-the-cuff responses

1 The XX.
they may seem gloomy at first but the lyrics are soooo romantical and dreamy.

2. Lana Del Rey
she may not have the most amazing vocal range, or guitar youre looking for but many of the songs are about love. and shes rad.

3. Jack White – Blunderbus
the last woman i turned this on for later said i never played any good music for her. i believe she forgot about this one.

4. Teagan and Sara – Closer
super sweet tune. you may wanna hunt around for a remix if you think the single is too pop

5. The Weeknd

6. Lolito – Hold Me

Strangest thing ever: The most romantic show I attended in quite a while was a few years back. I saw Randy Newman at UCLA

and he played Feels Like Home, that at first sounded like a Toy Story song, but the lyrics, mama mia