reports are coming in that my references are being contacted for possible new job

marilyn some like it hotthis makes me very happy because i have fantastic references: a former boss, two former employees, a former coworker, and the pope. problem is new pope loves everyone. if i was cocky i woulda gotten old pope.

but it’s bad enough im blogging this. some may say its a jinx. but even mean pope would tell you you cant jinx anything. the worst jinx is you. talking. saying anything.

we love pets because they cant say the wrong things. people think thats the lesson, but its snot.

even the guys who invented twitter play it safe and hardly ever tweet. they no better.

but let me tell you about a place called las vegas. which many people consider the most fun place in america.

in las vegas theres currently seven Cirque Du Soleil shows happening: Love at the Mirage, O at the Bellagio, Zarkana at the Aria, Michael Jackson’s One at Mandalay Bay, Mystere at Treasure Island, KA at MGM, and Zumanity at New York New York.

technically the most dangerous thing you can do to yourself is walk down the street. you’re way safer, way less likely to “jinx” yourself if you just stay in the house and watch tv.

but people love Cirque Du Soleil because it’s the opposite of that in beautiful ways. not only are these people out of their house and walking around, but theyre walking on ropes, theyre walking on peoples heads, people are walking on their heads, theyre jumping theyre climbing, and theyre doing it in the most graceful wonderful ways you could imagine.

basically showing us all that our daily journey not only could be a ballet: but probably is.

go forth and rock, saints.

live lives of beauty and courage.