superior customer service is the secret for everything

customer service

we are not all born with great strength, amazing physical capabilities, or even the smartest smarts

but theres one thing Pete Rose, Amazon, and Zippo all have in common

they hustle to make sure their customer is pleased.

customer service should be the easiest part of any company’s job, but it rarely is

when you think of businesses that treat their customers like the royalty they are

we can only think of a few: nordstrom, Saturn (RIP), Amazon, Zippo, and a scant few others

pete rose sliding headfirst into third at wrigley fieldthat shouldn’t be.

great customer service is usually cheap if not free, the word of mouth stories that follow it are priceless

and it is one sure fire way to beat the competition because odds are theyre not excelling in it.

say hello to your customers and mean it.

listen as if you life depends on it.

find the way that will delight them, not whats easiest for you.

do it with a smile on your face and good tidings in your heart.

and if you cant, quit immediately and work somewhere where you can love the people who support you.

the busblog loves you and is here (almost) every day with a smile on its face

and its aimed to please.

the comments will always be open for any and all.

except for terrible people.

terrible people should also quit that job and do something where you love stuff.

we are here for a very short period of time.

use it to love, hippies.