1. Friday, October 11, 2013

    you can be anything you wanna be 

    tall dude short girlyou can be tall or short,

    white or asian,

    you can be miley cyrus

    or one of those gangsta wrappers.

    but all those people have dibs on that business.

    you know why cheeses are so loved by the angels

    way up high?

    because they dont pretend to be nothing else but cheese.

    wine too.

    and snowflakes.

    and gangsta blogs

    and gangsta ppl

    you a gangsta deep down,

    u know it.

    be it.

    be the gangsta stinky ass freaky ass speckled ass

    funky unky unky you

    wheel of cheese at the crazy ass fromage store down the rue

    being all whatever

    even tho the swiss know how to party

    stoke the angels above by being youer