1. Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    your girlfriend sass is in town for a limited time 

    sassfor some reason she’s been in orange county

    so i said when youre on this side of the curtain lemme know.

    i was in a movie screening in the val where they take your phone for three hours

    and lucky me i got to be one of the twenty that they kept afterwards to ask how we liked the film

    which meant i was phoneless for close to four hours.

    in america!

    scroll through the messages, theres one from mlle zucket and shes all im ten minutes from echo park

    im all perfect, im 20 minutes from there and hit the gas.

    apparently nyc is dramz. sass not only lives in manhattan but better, chinatown.

    and as we start drinking shes all do you know any house sitters and i was like

    i’ll housesit your nyc chinatown what the hell else do i have to do in LA apt

    and she was all great, i’ll housesit yrs.

    and just then a nice couple got up and started dancing

    we were at little joy which i totally love but sometimes the dj is just a tad too loud

    fortunately this dj was just right. great tunes and the right volume.

    no clue what ipa i was drinking but it had a faint hint of fruit in there

    melded perfectly with the burrito i snuck in from the taco truck.