i think i just filled out the last bit of paperwork before getting a great job

Coco Crispand before i head off to dinner with a beautiful young lady, i wanted to say thank you universe for taking care of me during this pretty bizarre year.

since february ive been floating around being interviewed for this great job and that great job

people have appeared out of nowhere to say omg ive read your blog for years i cant believe i might get to work with you, here come check this out

and then just as quickly the job disappears.

ive considered moving across the country, ive considered working for places youd never expect me to work at.

thank God i dont have a wife, kids, and a mortgage because who knows what i would have settled for if i didnt snag a few freelance jobs

and if i didnt have a healthy savings from back when i was making that Matchbox 20 money.

always save is the lesson. if you wanna sock it away in stocks, fine. but put aside some for the rainy day

cuz like the bard said, a hard rains gonna fall.

who knew it was gonna fall for almost all of this year but sometimes it does.

anyways thank you sweet world including all my friends who have been so kind to me

thank you extended friends, family, and coworkers one of whom sent me this killer job description which looks like may be my next gig.

this was someone who i worked with years ago. for not all that long. who some thought we wouldnt get a long, but we got along great. and afterwards we’d write an email to each other like once a year.

when she saw that i was still looking for a job she would send me a note here and there with a job that she thought i might like

and the last one was right on the money. its something i would be great at, and yet it is something slightly different than what i have been focused on since LAist.

so just like they say in church: dont burn bridges because you never know who is gonna be your hero

we are not alone in this world. there are angels everywhere. and we all want to help each other when we can.

and for all of that i am extremely grateful.

happy birthday fernando, anthony keidis, jenny mccarthy, and coco crisp