the black one approached my stair and didnt run away when i saw him

catsbut he did stand his guard.

finally he said, my name is meshach, i have no collar

and no ID and seemingly no home

i am a black cat that somehow survived halloween in hollywood

not to mention the new moon on friday

and last nights lunar eclipse.

i thought to myself for a split second, sure i’ll adopt a talking black cat

ive often wanted a black cat but then todd got one

and i was ah man would this make me a hipster?

i said, meshach imma leave the door open and get you a bowl of water

and i took my sweet time getting the water and sure enough, when i turned around there he was

and cautiously entering through the door were not one

but two other cats.

this is my brother shadrach and my other brother abedenego.

shadrach was sniffing around and abe was all not so sure about any of this mess

i opened up a can of tuna and put it in a plate and set it on the ground

the cats retreated and then slowly approached the plate and chomped away

one of them made its way into my bedroom closet while the other two ate

eventually meshach said we could use lodging, do you know of any?

i said theres a hole in the grate underneath the water hose, that’ll get you under the house

this is a safe neighborhood, if youre still here tomorrow i’ll bring you some actual cat food

and they walk-ran out the door and later i saw one standing guard atop the brick wall

three cats makes you a cat lady