today is aj’s birthday, shes 24

me and aj

aj and i met in college a long long long long long time ago at the world famous daily nexus college newspaper

it was so long ago that she had pink hair and i had hair.

she looked like a pretty princess and had the most amazing voice and loved hard rock, metal and this new thing called grunge

i wore suits all the time, so she naturally fell in love with me & because she was so smart and fun, i did the same

so she wrote for me in the arts section of the paper and together we cohosted a rock show on KCSB called

The Speed of Sound, which of course was amazing, mostly because she reigned me in and kept us focused

me and aj

we stayed friends after college and of all the memorable things we did together, the most bittersweet was

we were together when we heard on the car radio that a dead body was found in kurt cobains house

so we turned off the radio and kept driving pretending that we didnt hear what we probably heard.

of all the people i knew in college she was pretty much the best person i could have been with at that moment

because we had played hours and hours of music together on the radio that was either Nirvana-esque or Nirvana

before during and after they hit it big.


today AJ is living the good life in Napa California doing it exactly right: she has her own company

where she teaches people about sex, sexual health, and what it takes to have a better sex life

apparently that is important to some people.

for years she lived in NYC but California is so much better off that she has moved back here.

happy birthday AJ! sorry about your boring job and life!