tonight is the governors award

steve martin comedy is not pretty album and gatefoldgoing on five years now the Academy has recognized a small group of important people who are doing the right thing

and have been super excellent over their careers.

tonight angelina jolie, piero tosi, angela lansbury and steve martin will be honored.

i will be live blogging it on so tune in, wont you? it starts at 7pmish.

one thing i wont be doing is gushing, because, you know, thats not profesh.

but since we’re all friends here, let me tell you how happy i am that steve martin is being recognized

when i was in high school Comedy is Not Pretty was one of the first records i ever bought

mine was probably the last generation who actually bought comedy records and brought them over to their friends house, or took them to parties.

i loved it so much i had the poster that came with the record and hung it on my wall.

how many white guys in pink suits and gray hair were on posters on the wall of black kids?

probs only steve martin.

he’s had an amazing career, if you havent yet read his memoir, born standing up, it’s pretty fascinating, and of course funny.

this is why i had to get a tux the other day.

many famous people will be there.

dont worry, i’ll take pics.

beautiful night at the famous roosevelt last night

roosevelt pool

1461981_10151998793893057_770185691_nthere was a birthday party for ali at my favorite hollywood hotel

and we learned an interesting rule: you cant just carry in a case of beer

and 10 pounds of ice into the swanky joint.

fortunately theres a teleporter in the backseat of the xbi mobile.

the party was held in one of the poolside bungalow rooms so the sliding glass door was opened and boom there was a dj, the pool, interesting people

and lo there were excellent people inside the bash

i met a nice gentleman who works with ali at activision who travels the world promoting call of duty

alis sister was there who spent the last two years in downtown chicago getting a degree at depaul, it was fun to talk with her about how much she misses it.

and of course lots of alis friends were there

it was super fun and this morning i got a txt apologizing for nothing in particular

which was crazy, but proof that it was a successful party

alis actual birthday isnt til tuesday so if you have fun this week its because youre in the midst of her birthday week

rock accordingly