last night was the governors awards

2013 Governors Awardsgot there. parked. took the elevators up to the place. never been in the ray dolby ballroom before.

there was red carpet everywhere on the top floor of hollywood and highland. everything was sharp. beautiful. esqusite.

got into the ballroom and it swept around you. even though this wasn’t set up for television, it was the real deal, big stage, great lighting, pretty much everything youd expect from an oscar presentation and awards, honorary or otherwise.

they had a tall perch in the back for us. the seats were comfortable and the view was fantastic.

and just like that George Lucas approached us and asked me, “Are you the teleprompter guys?”

i said, “no, we’re the Twitter guys.”

he said, “you don’t look like the Twitter guys.”

well, he looked exactly like George Lucas.

this was very much like the Oscars that i was lucky enough to attend in February, but far more low-key, fewer outrageous dresses, and more about honoring the nice people.

steve martin was surprisingly emotional, angelina jolie was very subtly inspirational, and angela lansbury has completely defied the aging process which too was inspiring because she has great tales to share from her long career.

we were there about six hours but it sped by. halfway through i didn’t want it to end.

i ran into former LA Times editors, richard rushfield (now at yahoo) and claudia eller (now co-running variety)

tried to get an in n out on the way home (i couldnt eat at the awards because so nervous), but the line went into the stairs at hollywood high

so i went to zankou, got a half chicken, flipped on snl and passed out before i even go past the monologue.

i cant even imagine what working the big show will be like

this is how the first book of Kings starts

da bears

1. King David was old and advanced in years; and although they covered him with clothes, he could not get warm.

2 So his servants said to him, “Let a young virgin be sought for my lord the king, and let her wait on the king, and be his attendant; let her lie in your bosom, so that my lord the king may be warm.”

3 So they searched for a beautiful girl throughout all the territory of Israel, and found Abishag the Shunammite, and brought her to the king.

4 The girl was very beautiful. She became the king’s attendant and served him, but the king did not know her sexually.

three things

1. now thats how you start a book

2. it’s good to be the king

3. i’m going to design some wooden spoons for ikea called Abishag the Shunammite