sending a shout out to sass who’s run into some bad luck

no good

and the States isn’t being very gentlemanly.

seems to me that, particularly when it comes to the fairer sex, men shouldnt have that much of a prob being gentlemen

but alas, some young men were not raised right, or maybe they were but still chose to forget stuffs.

anyways if we’re lucky sass will be back in LA sooner than later for a little while

which is nice because im sure her friends out here miss her.

meanwhile if you’re aboot to fall asleep, include yr girl in ur prayers tonight

because life is little peaks and valleys and shes in a lil val right now

today’s katie bain’s birthday, shes 24

katie bain

born in america’s dairyland and raised right in its bosom,

katie made her way from singing along to springsteen while driving through cornfields

to getting paid to write about rock while floating along the high seas on cruise ships just beyond the horizon

dont let her impossible hair and easy going demeanor fool you,

she’ll slowly convince you that todays computer generated robot music

is not at all a fad, basically by agreeing with you that it’s a fad.

it’s the 414 jedi mind trick that for years convinced bears fans that the packers weren’t anything to worry about

and then when you least expect it there’s mild mannered aaron rodgers in the super bowl again

just like brett favrah before him.

some have accused me of being able to see the future. so what does the future hold for the la weekly’s sr music writer?

thats a good question.

i could easily see her living in a nyc penthouse after being wooed and quickly wed to a handsome euro dj

spending a year touring with Prince and ghost writing his ultimate memoir

or just as happily settling down in a tree house in brazil after wooing a recently retired italian soccer star.

my hope is whatever she does she keeps writing and blogging

and spreading all the best parts of homegrown midwestern sultriness and joy.

rock on birthday girl