mr cub gets the presidential medal of honor

ernie banks and obama

i was so tired last night and not feeling 100% so i didnt go to katies bday party, i stayed home.

our office is in this old department store thats being renovated and maybe it was the dust that got in my nose?

maybe it was the gigantic computer screen that i stared at all week?

maybe it was the change of seasons (aka rain and cold we had the last couple of days)

who knows but on friday i left work went to the grocery store and while i was on the phone with sass

i went to the blood pressure machine and it said i was at 177 over 100 or something

so i figured that katies party would probably be so fun id have a heart attack so i just stayed home

today i just lazed aboot too and now i feel fantastic which is good because i have to go to this press club awards tomorrow

my kingdom for two days off in a row. but you should be careful what you ask for.

im very grateful to be employed again. so grateful i worked a little late last night and today.

its fun and interesting work so who cares. id work tomorrow too but its against the bible.

i havent been this happy in a really long time. i think the happiness killed the would be illness.