weirdly seeing nirvana wasnt the greatest show i ever saw

which is strange because i had been blown away before at the forum when eric clapton played there in 85

and even though it was a great show as you can see here in this super good recording

the replacements at the roxy a few years earlier was easily

the greatest show id ever seen in my life

or this crazy one i saw with karisa and almost didnt

or the beasties pauls boutique

or acdc back in black

i dont know. who cares. the bears lost.

never forget that: the bears lost.

when the bears lose all i wanna do is play piano and make lists

billy corgan at the piano in his house in chicago

the other day katie made a list of her favorite concerts of her 20s

and as i was thinking what mine were i realized that so many of my faves were before i was 21

so heres my top 20 before 21:

jackson 5, their last tour as kids, circle square theatre

ac/dc back in black tour, rosemont horizon

the police synchronicity tour, rosemont horizon

motley crue, shout at the devil tour, aragon ballroom

scorpions, love at first sting tour, rosemont

billy idol, rebel yell tour, poplar creek

springsteen born in the usa tour (sports arena, la coliseum)

randy newman / richard thompson, new years eve 1985, wiltern

fIREHOSE – santa monica college

beastie boys, licensed to ill, hollywood palladium

elvis costello – king of america, blood n chocolate 5 night run at the wiltern

iron maiden live after death tour, long beach arena – SCREAM FOR ME LONG BEACH

beasties / run dmc, together forever at the greek

the replacements let it be tour at palladinos

the replacements tim tour at the roxy

u2 unforgettable fire tour at the sports arena

lone justice, bogarts

the balancing act, the anti club

peter case and victoria williams, in their back yard

forget college funds, parents should start rock show funds for their babies.

of all the stray cats i like two the best

crazy cat

one of them i call Boldy cuz dude just eats, comes into my crib, walks around and judges

and then gets back into the crazy streets of hollywood.

the other is black and white so i call him Blanket.

havent seen Blanket in a while. he probably got “rescued”.

these cats are perfectly fine. if anyone needs rescuing its we humans.

like the two very nice commentors said in the previous post, here i know theres something with my blood pressure

but i have to wait for a few weeks for my insurance to kick in. and then i’ll get pills and all will be well.

if these cats are around because they can sense my imminent death, then it was nice blogging to you.

right now the only thing dangerous for my health are these damn bears who are down 10 at the half.