1. Saturday, November 16, 2013

    beautiful night at the famous roosevelt last night 

    roosevelt pool

    1461981_10151998793893057_770185691_nthere was a birthday party for ali at my favorite hollywood hotel

    and we learned an interesting rule: you cant just carry in a case of beer

    and 10 pounds of ice into the swanky joint.

    fortunately theres a teleporter in the backseat of the xbi mobile.

    the party was held in one of the poolside bungalow rooms so the sliding glass door was opened and boom there was a dj, the pool, interesting people

    and lo there were excellent people inside the bash

    i met a nice gentleman who works with ali at activision who travels the world promoting call of duty

    alis sister was there who spent the last two years in downtown chicago getting a degree at depaul, it was fun to talk with her about how much she misses it.

    and of course lots of alis friends were there

    it was super fun and this morning i got a txt apologizing for nothing in particular

    which was crazy, but proof that it was a successful party

    alis actual birthday isnt til tuesday so if you have fun this week its because youre in the midst of her birthday week

    rock accordingly