1. Monday, November 25, 2013

    Fun at the NEJ 


    last night the LA Press Club gave out the National Entertainment Journalism Awards

    because i’m on the board of directors i was tasked with tweeting the events

    we gave two special awards to Forest Whitaker and LA Times movie critic Kenneth Turan


    it was held at the beautiful Biltmore in DTLA. Forest is thinner than I was expecting and so humble. it was sweet


    the food was good, the drinks were nice, but as always it was very energizing to be around so many talented LA journalists


    it was also very nice to sit at the KPCC table and especially nice when Air Talk won an award, Larry Mantle is a classic


    Patt the Hat was in the house of course, and nothing could have happened so nice without Diana, the secret weapon of the Club


    Jon Regardie of the Downtown News and Mike Roe were in the house. excellent gentlemen


    and it was nice to see John Rabe, his husband (far left) and a nice fellow also named Tony.

    it’s so funny how ill i felt Friday and didnt think i could do anything this weekend, but when push came to shove i did it

    and it was all such a very nice success.

    except for the Bears loss. sigh.