my buddy chris knows how to text me. a simple “lakers game?” is all it takes


minutes later we are deciding which local beverage to take out a loan on.


but before we could finish enjoying the first one the lakers had given up nearly 50 points in the 1st quarter

anthony michael hall it was at that time that chris and i started talking about movies. because basketball was suddenly depressing.

later my new employer asked me the very same question: what are your favorite movies?

the thing is when it’s your buddy at the game, it shouldnt be any different than when it’s the organization best known for celebrating the finest films people and magic that makes its way on the silver screen.

still, because im cray, i had to keep it real

1. the blues brothers

2. pulp fiction

3. sixteen candles

4. my life as a dog

5. the general

6. stripes

7. bingo long and the traveling all stars

lets see how this flies tomorrow, my first day