of all the stray cats i like two the best

crazy cat

one of them i call Boldy cuz dude just eats, comes into my crib, walks around and judges

and then gets back into the crazy streets of hollywood.

the other is black and white so i call him Blanket.

havent seen Blanket in a while. he probably got “rescued”.

these cats are perfectly fine. if anyone needs rescuing its we humans.

like the two very nice commentors said in the previous post, here i know theres something with my blood pressure

but i have to wait for a few weeks for my insurance to kick in. and then i’ll get pills and all will be well.

if these cats are around because they can sense my imminent death, then it was nice blogging to you.

right now the only thing dangerous for my health are these damn bears who are down 10 at the half.