nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, November 24, 2013

    when the bears lose all i wanna do is play piano and make lists 

    billy corgan at the piano in his house in chicago

    the other day katie made a list of her favorite concerts of her 20s

    and as i was thinking what mine were i realized that so many of my faves were before i was 21

    so heres my top 20 before 21:

    jackson 5, their last tour as kids, circle square theatre

    ac/dc back in black tour, rosemont horizon

    the police synchronicity tour, rosemont horizon

    motley crue, shout at the devil tour, aragon ballroom

    scorpions, love at first sting tour, rosemont

    billy idol, rebel yell tour, poplar creek

    springsteen born in the usa tour (sports arena, la coliseum)

    randy newman / richard thompson, new years eve 1985, wiltern

    fIREHOSE – santa monica college

    beastie boys, licensed to ill, hollywood palladium

    elvis costello – king of america, blood n chocolate 5 night run at the wiltern

    iron maiden live after death tour, long beach arena – SCREAM FOR ME LONG BEACH

    beasties / run dmc, together forever at the greek

    the replacements let it be tour at palladinos

    the replacements tim tour at the roxy

    u2 unforgettable fire tour at the sports arena

    lone justice, bogarts

    the balancing act, the anti club

    peter case and victoria williams, in their back yard

    forget college funds, parents should start rock show funds for their babies.

  2. of all the stray cats i like two the best 

    crazy cat

    one of them i call Boldy cuz dude just eats, comes into my crib, walks around and judges

    and then gets back into the crazy streets of hollywood.

    the other is black and white so i call him Blanket.

    havent seen Blanket in a while. he probably got “rescued”.

    these cats are perfectly fine. if anyone needs rescuing its we humans.

    like the two very nice commentors said in the previous post, here i know theres something with my blood pressure

    but i have to wait for a few weeks for my insurance to kick in. and then i’ll get pills and all will be well.

    if these cats are around because they can sense my imminent death, then it was nice blogging to you.

    right now the only thing dangerous for my health are these damn bears who are down 10 at the half.

  3. Saturday, November 23, 2013

    mr cub gets the presidential medal of honor 

    ernie banks and obama

    i was so tired last night and not feeling 100% so i didnt go to katies bday party, i stayed home.

    our office is in this old department store thats being renovated and maybe it was the dust that got in my nose?

    maybe it was the gigantic computer screen that i stared at all week?

    maybe it was the change of seasons (aka rain and cold we had the last couple of days)

    who knows but on friday i left work went to the grocery store and while i was on the phone with sass

    i went to the blood pressure machine and it said i was at 177 over 100 or something

    so i figured that katies party would probably be so fun id have a heart attack so i just stayed home

    today i just lazed aboot too and now i feel fantastic which is good because i have to go to this press club awards tomorrow

    my kingdom for two days off in a row. but you should be careful what you ask for.

    im very grateful to be employed again. so grateful i worked a little late last night and today.

    its fun and interesting work so who cares. id work tomorrow too but its against the bible.

    i havent been this happy in a really long time. i think the happiness killed the would be illness.

  4. Friday, November 22, 2013

    sending a shout out to sass who’s run into some bad luck 

    no good

    and the States isn’t being very gentlemanly.

    seems to me that, particularly when it comes to the fairer sex, men shouldnt have that much of a prob being gentlemen

    but alas, some young men were not raised right, or maybe they were but still chose to forget stuffs.

    anyways if we’re lucky sass will be back in LA sooner than later for a little while

    which is nice because im sure her friends out here miss her.

    meanwhile if you’re aboot to fall asleep, include yr girl in ur prayers tonight

    because life is little peaks and valleys and shes in a lil val right now

  5. today’s katie bain’s birthday, shes 24 

    katie bain

    born in america’s dairyland and raised right in its bosom,

    katie made her way from singing along to springsteen while driving through cornfields

    to getting paid to write about rock while floating along the high seas on cruise ships just beyond the horizon

    dont let her impossible hair and easy going demeanor fool you,

    she’ll slowly convince you that todays computer generated robot music

    is not at all a fad, basically by agreeing with you that it’s a fad.

    it’s the 414 jedi mind trick that for years convinced bears fans that the packers weren’t anything to worry about

    and then when you least expect it there’s mild mannered aaron rodgers in the super bowl again

    just like brett favrah before him.

    some have accused me of being able to see the future. so what does the future hold for the la weekly’s sr music writer?

    thats a good question.

    i could easily see her living in a nyc penthouse after being wooed and quickly wed to a handsome euro dj

    spending a year touring with Prince and ghost writing his ultimate memoir

    or just as happily settling down in a tree house in brazil after wooing a recently retired italian soccer star.

    my hope is whatever she does she keeps writing and blogging

    and spreading all the best parts of homegrown midwestern sultriness and joy.

    rock on birthday girl

  6. Thursday, November 21, 2013

    right to bear arms 

    right to bear arms

    ive learned some very interesting things in the last 8 days that ive been employed

    1. The Counter has an excellent Turkey Burger

    2. George Lucas has amazing hair

    3. A whole lot of people don’t like Twilight.

    4. Commuters in automobiles in LA in Hollywood can be very rude drivers during rush hour.

    5. I just may be the most fortunate man in the world.

    6. There are some very snappy dressers at my workplace.

    7. There are so many possibilities, at some moments, I can feel my brain rub its palms.

    8. When I’m happy I drink a lot of water.

  7. Wednesday, November 20, 2013
  8. Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    today is ali’s birthday, shes 24 


    ali was born a poor black sharecropper, but hustled and made her way to LA and befriended a nice jewish family

    who took her in and made her one of their own. rebellious, stylish, funky, and fresh it took her a while to adapt

    but not before too long she had learned the ways of the valley and made it her b-word.


    of course she fell into some bad company from time to time, but thats normal on the mean streets

    and with the proper rehabilitation, she found her calling: promoting violent video games


    it put a sweet sweet smile on her face.


    today ali has found her niche as a bon vivant with a mission, a raconteur with a cause

    her aim is to bring soul back to our lives with equal parts blood, sugar, and that delectable scorpio magik

    she means no harm.

    but if youre not part of the solution, you should probably not get in her way.

    happy birthday superhero valley girl from another time. we’re blessed you spend some of it with us.