stray cat strut

stray cat

dont believe the internet. they may say things like cats love steamed carrots

but these cats have no love for steamed carrots.

i’ll tell you what they love. they love tuna right out of a can and they love dry cat food.

the web says that i shouldnt feed them tuna because then they can get stuck up i only love tuna disease.

so i bought a small bag of dry cat food yesterday ($4) and put it on my porch.

the three stray cats came rushing over — and then a fourth followed! a fourth?!?!

was there a whole litter under my house? was the 4th a neighbors cat looking for a midnight snack?

i kept the front door open as they ate and two came in to sniff around

but they didnt get anywhere close to me: the magic human who bought them their dinner!

my neighbor thinks the cats are abandoned from a former neighbor who recently moved out.

so shes gonna find out if they are spayed/neutered.

i told her lets just let them live under the house and she was all, you cray homie.

which is true of course, internet.