1. Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    today is ali’s birthday, shes 24 


    ali was born a poor black sharecropper, but hustled and made her way to LA and befriended a nice jewish family

    who took her in and made her one of their own. rebellious, stylish, funky, and fresh it took her a while to adapt

    but not before too long she had learned the ways of the valley and made it her b-word.


    of course she fell into some bad company from time to time, but thats normal on the mean streets

    and with the proper rehabilitation, she found her calling: promoting violent video games


    it put a sweet sweet smile on her face.


    today ali has found her niche as a bon vivant with a mission, a raconteur with a cause

    her aim is to bring soul back to our lives with equal parts blood, sugar, and that delectable scorpio magik

    she means no harm.

    but if youre not part of the solution, you should probably not get in her way.

    happy birthday superhero valley girl from another time. we’re blessed you spend some of it with us.