today is alyson’s birthday, shes 24


one of the biggest problems with not having a flying car (yet)

is that there are literally hundreds of busblog readers who i would totally be friends with IRL

if only they lived anywheres near me.

at the top of the list is todays birthday girl, alyson shane, of winnipeg, manitoba, canada

alyson is an oldschool blogger who still blogs on

and she does so beautifully and regularly, and with soul.

every now and then she will send me a little email asking how i am whats going on and am i hanging in there

i totally super appreciate that.

we have done some “interviews” that i want to do with other bloggers after i saw how honest she was with her answers, so if i ever have a blogger book, you can thank alyson for being a great test subject.

i dont know too much aboot manitoba other than, as she says, its lovely and beautiful and filled with great people

apparently you can walk on rivers of ice as the moon is in the sky like a big apple pie

and the hockey players commute by holding on to the tails of the wild moose that roam the streets.

so happy birthday alyson. im sure you’ll have a fine time on the big town tonight!