today is katfrans birthday, shes 34

lucy and katfran

like most of the people on the internet katfran and i have never met,

and probably never will, but thats ok, she has a great blog THAT I LOVE

why? well theres not a lot of young moms telling you about their lives and raising adorable kids


and partying at six flags and universal studios all the time and eating

GRILLED CHEESED SANDWICHES and swimming in pools and being fun.

who knows why. maybe because just being a mom is TIME consuming.

earlier today katfran was all hey what am i chopped liver?


as if thats a bad thing.


and today we are all very glad that katfran is still blogging after all these years EVERY DAY

my dream is one day soon i will anonymously interview a bunch of bloggers including her

and people tell me their biggest secrets and we BLOG THEM without their pictures or names

and afterwards everyones all WHAT??? and i’ll be all I KNOW RIGHT? and they’ll be like wow.

happy birthday Katfran!