today is my sisters birthday, shes 24

kyla and babe

it’s true my sister has accomplished more in her life already than i’ll ever in mine, but thats fine.

she was always better in school, had more friends, and certainly had way more drive.

she’s had to amazing children of her own, has not one but two giant homes,

and has even adopted a poor black child.


her generosity and big heart led to her rescuing dogs and cats and birds and gerbils and swimming pools

and an amazing hot tub, and me, all ive seemed to rescue are 99 cent tacos from the jack n the box.

she helped elect the first black president, she’s always there for our mom,

and shes such a good daughter in law that she often drives across the midwest so the kids can visit their grandparents

be it through rain sleet or snow.

im very proud of my sister, someone who couldnt be more different than me.

she has done many things that i would have said now why you wanna do that

and then it turned out that it was a really good thing to do.

i love you angie! happy birthday!