today was actually truly stressful


and then I chose to take a risk and be myself

and trust the man who hopefully will be my boss very soon

and a weight was lifted from my mind

and then the rest of the day turned out really nice

I talked on the phone with the truest, did laundry, ate chicken at a little place showing the lakers game

had a nice long conversation with my neighbor who taught me about a Japanese death metal band

my old college roommate came over for drinks

and I got to watch 2 episodes of Bill Maher.

Sadly I learned that I’m allergic to the stray cats I’ve been debating adopting

but maybe that realization gave me a sense of relief too.

things will change dramatically this month, God willing, and today was a good step in that direction

and for that I’m extremely grateful

finally, as I’m about to say my prayers my first one will be for my aunt Mimi who was laid to rest today in Pittsburgh.

Thanks for looking down on me today