today is danielle’s birthday, shes 24


actually it was yesterday and i missed it because SOMEONE is not on facebook,

the best way to tell the world it’s your big day.

danielle is stuck in san dieger. a place that has many faults, the biggest being it has not fully embraced her.

we all get stuck from time to time and we think there’s no way out.

we convince ourselves that time or money or situation or circumstance is why we are accepting the mediocre

but all those things are just demons whispering in our pretty minds – so as to stop us from true joy

which we deserve. which exists. and which is certainly in the future of todays birthday girl, of whom there is no one like.

i have an extremely short list of people i would give a million bucks to if i won the mega millions jackpot

and danielle is on that list. i may have to give her two mil because sagitarrius’s burn through dough: allegedly.

but she is someone who has been given one bad hand after another

the worst being that she decided that san diego would be her escape route after a bad hand in LA

but the sun is now out, and america’s sweetheart needs to beat again, to her own drummer

and she will. i am sure of it. even if the numbers dont come in.

all the angels and saints are rooting for the hottest hippie in san diego.

i hope youre rooting for her too.


today is woody allens birthday, hes 24

woody allen

some people have problems with woody. i dont. he’s had a few marriages, but havent we all.

his most recent marriage, the most controversial one, is now in its 17th year.

and if youve ever seen the doc “Wild Man Blues”, it’s pretty obvious that she calls the shots, not the famous director.

1086_R307F25_2001speaking of movies, heres my list of my 12 favorite Woody Allen films:

Annie Hall


Play It Again, Sam

Radio Days


Hannah & Her Sisters

Broadway Danny Rose


Take The Money And Run

Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Husband & Wives

Very few people, let alone movie directors, get to do whatever they want, whenever they want, in their style, public be damned, and continue to reel off a quality product.

That is so inspiring to me.