simon asks, “dude how does ashley only get prettier with time?”

ashley christmas 2013

i must say, there is something about vegas.

either it totally sucks you dry and spits you out.

or it appears to preserve you forever.

im sure the daisy princess would credit a strict veggie diet,

chasing around a beautiful daughter for exercise, and the wonders of diet coke.

maybe one day she’ll have a blog again and you can ask her yrself

the last two days


saturday i saw a special screening of Saving Mr. Banks

after that kim and os hosted a tree trimming which was amazing and loveable

especially once greg started playing guitar and justin went to town on the pianer


then last night bree had her birthday at a crazy bar that is slowly turning into a chicago bar.

on saturday this is what i heard as a reason to leave the party: sorry the kids really need to go to bed

and last night i totally heard this: sorry i really need to study for my final tomorrow

weird life, good blog.