obey sample sale: giant success

obey sign outside

if you know me, you know that my favorite part of Christmas is the world famous Obey Sample Sale.

the only nuisance for this 114 year old man is the lines can sometimes be 3-4 hours,

as etienne and i experienced two years ago.

but a nice busblog reader who works at Obey Giant was nice enough to give me a Friends & Family pass for Friday

sadly i had to work late Friday so ali was all, hey lets try to get up early on Saturday and go down there

ali 1

when we arrived there was a super long line, food trucks, and a band playing

but ali said, just go ask the nice man eating the burrito if our pass could be accepted today.

so i thought good thoughts and handed him the pass and he gave ali and i VIP badges  and in 0 seconds we were in!

obey sign inside

after selling the xbi mobile i suddenly had a few extra bucks in my paypal account which is dangerous

because if it has an obey logo, especially an andre the giant logo, i’ll be very tempted to buy it

obey stencil

which is even more dangerous thanks to the fact that the VIP badge meant we had no time limit in the warehouse.

time limit? yes. back in the day Obey realized that the best way to keep the line moving

is to restrict people’s shopping sprees to just 30 minutes.

not only does it let more people in the place, but it creates a tad of a frenzied atmosphere

obey shirts mens

that mixed with the amazing deals ($40 shirts for $10, $120 jackets for $40, etc)

and the dj playing punk rock and gangsta rap

mad house

had people filling the aisles and stuffing their garbage bags with sweet ass bargains.


hats were $10 or 3 for $25, for example.

at those prices who doesn’t want a doberman sitting next to a flaming garbage can hat!?


or any variety of these chapeaus for yr former fro?!

empty bins

needless to say the supplies went fast but the replenishers replenished quickly

baby shopping

this lady got the last baby. lucky.

womens shirts

indeed they had lots of new stuff including an expanded womens area.

happy ali

ali was stoked

baby checkout

the baby was exhausted

for the kids

and everyone who brought a toy for a kid or food for the hungry got a free cap. these were all who were that sweet.

checkout lines

most people had one bag of stuffs. i had two. two bags set me back $230.

which accounted for two hoodies, a varsity jacket, a backpack, a belt, a striped shirt, a thick flannel, a thin flannel,

two tshirts, three hats, and a beautiful sweater.

my booty

merry christmas has a posse!