1. Monday, December 30, 2013

    and a shoutout to the glam squad 


    id like to thank all the angels and saints all around me

    who always have my back even though i dont always deserve it

    or ask for it


    the good book says ask and ye shall receive

    seek and ye shall find

    is there anything better than when someone you secretly love

    sidles up to you and whispers

    tony you know what i really want, i want…


    and then they tell you.

    straight up.

    no esp required.

    no palm readers, steamy cauldrons, or mind  reading


    it’s so nice and refreshing, especially when you can say, is that all baby?

    same goes with the lord. you know hes got things to do too.

    so if you say i would like a so and so in the whatchamacallit

    he might say sheeeeeeeeet id actually like to pull that off

    and poof


    now youve stoked the lord.


    so id like to thank the good spirits in my life for all of their stokes in 2013


    it was about as unexpected as i could have ever imagined, both good and bad.

    i had the longest spring break since forever.


    and it ended exactly at the right time and at the right place


    so thank you for getting me here and for being there along the way.