1. Saturday, December 28, 2013

    find myths, then break them 


    one of the reasons i am often misunderstood is im no good at powerpoint

    nor do i care to be.

    to me there is only the scoreboard and peoples smiles.

    if somehow you are able to win on the scoreboard


    everyone is smiling, from the heart, during the process

    then you shouldn’t have to be any good at powerpoint.

    many moons ago when i sold electronics on commission the bad salesmen

    had all these reasons why certain days or months were “slow”

    implying that magic has a season and success is a hot streak.

    online i met people who honestly believed there was a good time and a bad time

    to put things on the internet

    as if we arent constantly curious to find delightfully interesting things.

    give the people good stuff as soon as you can

    and they will smile back at you.