1. Friday, December 13, 2013

    Gage asks “What song best represents you at age 20, 30 and now? 

    beastie boys license to ill

    the year was 1986, i was selling car stereos and audio at a crazy electronics store.

    i was paid only commission so not only did i need to know my stuff, but i had to hustle.

    the one tape i went through every six weeks was the beastie boys’ debut, licensed to ill.

    not only did i love everything about it: the humor, the stories, the beats, the samples

    but dat bass sold me more crappy 12″ pioneer subwoofers and alpine amps than i could keep in stock.

    the new style is what i put in on any demonstration.

    id say, some voices have treble and some have bass

    and id turn up that volume and the beasties would put their voices right in our face.

    heres an unreleased video of them in 2004 doing it for Dave Chappelle

    that was when i was 20.

    when i was 30, i was living in san francisco with my beautiful girlfriend

    i had friends all around me, three jobs, a great pad, a ford explorer

    but two things sorta bothered me: 1) i was no longer living in isla vista

    2) sammy hagar was ruining van halen while david lee roth was sitting on the bench

    fortunately santa barbara native parry gripp had just recorded

    exactly all of my thoughts n feelings on the self titled debut nerf herder album

    and especially on “van halen”.

    now id say it’s probably say miley’s “we cant stop” best describes my vibe

    because, you know, we run things – things dont run we

    thanks for the great question gage!