i keep thinking every day is friday

jack rightsometimes you can be super mean to someone, rude even, and they love it

sometimes you can be really sweet to someone, even tell em you love them

and it’s basically the worst thing you coulda done to them.

i know one girl. her parents never said they loved her. grew up ridiculously sweet.

i know another, her parents told her they loved her all the time.

turned into a stripper.

not that theres anything wrong with that.

Blanket slinked up my stairs yesterday and sauntered in my flat and found me eating a tuna fish sandwich

which, as it turns out are stray cats’ favorite snack.

after he was done ruining it for both of us he cruised into my kitchen and disappeared.

i gave the other half of the sandwich to Sketchy and looked for a flashlight, found one, and hunted for Blanket.

never found him and last night i woke up and there he was on my dining room table.

i went after him and he ran into the kitchen again and hid behind the fridge.

long story short: theres a secret portal to another dimension behind my refridgerator

and thats where all these damn cats are coming from.

so today i nailed it up real good.

down heres freaky enough.