long live rock


On warm sunny afternoons like the ones we had yesterday (and today) my coworkers and I like to get food from the trucks and eat outside somewhere around the museums.

Yesterday we noticed underground hip hop giants Odd Future were taping their Adult Swim show Loiter Squad and as I was trying to explain who they are and what the show is I realized that once again I’m the weirdo of the group.

Still I struggled to describe Earl Sweatshirt, Hagi Beats, Taco, and their tie dye leader Tyler the Creator.

Anything I said made no sense and sounded ridiculous.

And the more I searched for words the more I realized: this is exactly what we should all be striving to be; so unique in who we are that it defies simple description.

It alludes any general concepts of this or that. We are who we are and it’s complicated and contradictory and honest and groundbreaking all at once.

And the worst anyone can say is, “I wouldnta chosen the pink trousers”.