saw saving mr banks today at the best movie theatre in the world


and afterwards tom hanks emma thompson colin farrel, the screen writer, the director

and Richard Sherman, the 85 year old genius

who co wrote the songs 50 years ago for mary poppins was there

and they all got interviewed in front of us to talk about the movie by the LATs john horn

it was my first time in the theatre which may be the best perk of the new job: free movies in the perfect place

imagine the cleanest, most comfortable movie house where the screen the sound and the mood is ideal.

no food or drinks allowed. no photos or autographs. youre there to see it.

people clapped. and laughed. it was sweet.

because its hollywood people clapped during the credits because they probs knew those peeps

or maybe theyre sitting next to them.

saw my man steve elzer and his son there.

the movie made me wish that woody allen would write a movie for emma to rock.

anything she says sounds amazing.

parkings free too.

so with all those stars there, why would you need the guy who co wrote the songs?

because he was one of the  few people still alive who worked super closely with walt disney

plus just look at the songs he co wrote with his brother over the years


you’re sixteen:

chitty chitty bang bang:

it’s a small world after all: