two thousand and 14 years ago today a little baby had a price on his head

little house

dude wasnt even born yet and the king of the land wanted him murdered.

the baby’s dad had one job. get a motel room.

bro didn’t have to impregnate the momma, didnt have to have a good job, big house, nothing

just had to find a place to deliver this angel unto the world.

today is the birthday of an actual angel.

the dictionary says an angel is “a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.”

so minus the wings thats what todays birthday boy was: a living angel sent here to be our agent


and attendant.

when i think about Christianity i think about those things.

even in the old testament humans were made by God to attend to the Earth and all the cool freaky things down here

and some of the freaky things are the people who wanna get in the way of Good.

or who i find more interesting: the people who get in the way and don’t even realize it.

Herod wasn’t the only hater Jesus had in his life.

in fact it’s easier to count the number of people who were all Team Jesus than those who weren’t buying it.

even his so called disciples turned their back on him – and worse, their hearts – at some point.

but Jesus kept on trucking because he knew his role: to be our attendant – and who are we?

idiots who eat apples because talking snakes tell us to.

morons who lose our minds over things that look pretty in the right light.

and lemmings who fall for the same traps that our predecessors did no matter how much we claim we’ve learned.

thats who Jesus signed up to sacrifice everything for

for some unknown reason thats never fully explained in the good book

which means it could only be one thing

if it’s not logical, it must be for love.

happy birthday you crazy angel

thank you for making us in your loving image.

for no good reason other than to see what else can be done using true angelic love.