yesterday was tyler’s birthday, he is nine

shortsop tyler

to misquote president obama, if i had a son he’d look a lot like my sisters son tyler.

he’d be light skinned, thin, and hopefully a switch-hitting shortstop batting lead-off.

he’s introverted, focused, cantankerous, and melts in the presence of his adopted little sister.

tyler is the kind of guy who would be drafted in the first round by the chicago white sox

and refuse to sign because he’s a cub fan.

he’s stubborn, talks trash while creaming you at video games, and impervious to bs

he will watch the demo mode of madden studying the invisible wrinkle in the matrix

so as to use it against you in the 4th quarter when it matters

he has no interest in food, chit-chat, or mindless banter – and never has.

but if he hears Psy or the Wiggles on the tv, he’ll take the thumb out of his mouth

and dance like a freak.

might even take off his damn pants.

or better yet, take a disco nap on the dog

in the cage


you can’t stop him, you can only contain him.

god bless you little man. don’t ever change.