ur n review: march

the selfie

3/1 they gave me an all access pass to the oscars?
3/2 hey its tom from e on the wet red carpet
3/3 backstage at the oscars, nbd
3/4 ask tony: what was the oscars like
3/8 things said in my uber
3/8 i could have seen prince, i didnt, and it turned out to be his best show ever
3/9 watched grand budapest hotel with bree, loved it
3/11 accidentally took a cool picture
3/13 tragedy at sxsw
3/14 every time i uber beautiful women end up in my backseat
3/16 probs the longest uber post in the history of mankind. a photo essay
3/17 earthquake, nbd
3/18 catblogger in training
3/19 “play some ratchet shit”
3/19 the first place i ever worked looks amazing now
3/20 if girls stopped kissing djs we’d all get rock n roll back
3/21 being a black republican starts early in life
3/22 brunch with sass in her pajamas
3/23 busblog uber blogging hits full stride
3/25 13 questions with yesjessica
3/26 Juliette Lewis put something that i made onto her instagram.
3/27 stoked by the taxman
3/28 hey bono, who was Jesus?

year end revu: feb

gwen getting her police album signed by sting before the synchronicity show in LA

2/1 instantly addicted to uber
2/2 if i knew what i was doing id tell you
2/3 gwen stefani shares on twitter the greatest photo of all time
2/4 dying
2/4 not dying
2/5 overheard in the er hallway
2/6 i took a great picture of my kitten’s momma while fighting the xbi
2/7 scary doctor says something super scary
2/8 build a world where your children are stronger than you ever were
2/9 went to dumb starbucks, a photo essay
2/9 loved the lego movie
2/10 loved the nominees luncheon, heres some pics i took
2/13 drove four swedish girls fast through LA
2/14 the cutest lesbians on valentines day+night in my backseat
2/15 probably the best photo essay i took in beverly hills
2/17 some sad ass rides
2/20 there are strippers and there are hookers in this sprawling metropolis
2/22 never chase the surge
2/23 was the PA announcer at the UCLA baseball game, nbd
2/24 lorde + sally draper @ 101 cafe
2/26 crazy asian lady massage hollywood fun fun ow
2/28 burned

yr end revu: january

no tweeting

1/2 regrets, i have a few
1/3 took a pretty picture of ali
1/4 dont click if you get jealous about LA’s weather
1/5 hiked, took pics, bitched
1/6 just one of many things i learned about hitchcock
1/7 i took a pretty picture of sass
1/8 the day they announced the replacements would play coachella
1/9 personally i like it when ppl take selfies
1/11 how on earth is ashley 32?
1/14 i asked diane von furstenberg if i could take her picture, she said sure
1/15 hey tony what were your favorite films of 2013, in order?
1/16 had tacos with sass, meredith and chokey chicken
1/17 longest day of the year: oscar nominations, chilling at the american apparel hq
1/18 diane von furstenberg commented on my insta, nbd
1/19 took a long walk up a short mountain
1/20 ate noodles with a chinese girl and the guy who takes sexy pics for a sexy company
1/21 michelle obama proving that she has the best hops of any first lady
1/22 the tony pierce story
1/23 kennedy and welch’s tv show’s hate mail read by their HR guy
1/24 bad news: the terrible feelings ive felt all week were kidney stones.
1/25 selfie after they said i could go home from the hospital
1/27 selfie with kim kardashian’s mom. nbd.
1/30 started driving for uber

yesterday the plan was, just go to LAX and see what happens


mostly because it’s really hard to get passengers at LAX if you’re uberx because all the people who want rides are in the terminals but we are not allowed in the terminal area.

but the good news is, if you can somehow get someone leaving the airport you’ll probably get around $20, which is nearly impossible to do just driving around the streets of LA during this dead post-Christmas week.

my goal was $100 for the day, because thats also impossible. and for some reason i like impossible things.

so i drove towards LAX, which is ridic because you should never do that, you should go somewhere where there are people (DTLA, Hollywood, Santa Monica) and then just sit and wait.

because it’s dead i drove pretty much from beverly hills to santa monica without a ping, which tells me one of two things, either it’s dead or uber has flooded the market with drivers, who, like me, have this week off of their real jobs. either way, it’s miserable unless you have an impossible dream.

LAdid a few short rides around Santa Monica/Venice on my way to LAX (one tourist, two locals) and got to LAX and boom, a nice young black lady pinged me from the Hilton. she had taken the free hotel shuttle, summoned me, texted me telling me where she was in the hotel (valet area) and we had a fantastic ride to the Hollywood Hills ($25).

at this point it was 4:30pm so i decided to go home and take a three hour break.

played with the cats, played my new NBA2K15, talked to a pretty girl, then took a shower.

around 7:30pm i was back on the road towards LAX. picked up 3 hot babes in mid city who were headed to the Clippers game. it was already half time. they were drunkish because it was one of their birthdays. they all sat in the back seat and reviewed all the times they had gotten wasted together (mardi gras, various college parties, and a few local bashes)

an example of their discussion:

“Mandy, why didn’t you party with us much in college?”

“Well, freshman year i was shy, sophomore year i was fat, junior year i was skinny but devoted to working out and studying, and senior year i studied abroad”.

dropped them off at the game, it was only $12, got frustrated that a trip halfway across the city pays so little, so i got on the freeway to LAX to see if i could get another $25 ride.

got pinged almost right away but it was a guy in the terminal who dropped his pin away from the terminal and asked me if i could pick him up in terminal 2. my facebook uber groups tell me that this is a trap. sure some real passengers do this, but airport cops also do this to trick us and then they impound our cars. so i told the dude no.

got pinged again but it was a local couple who wanted to go to Dave and Busters. babe was super hot and was excited about beer and video games? mama mia.

while driving back to LAX got pinged over by Kanpai, it was two groups of college kids who had ordered two ubers. they were going to some rave at the Shrine by USC. thats the good news, the bad news was a kid about 18 with a floppy hat asked if i had an AUX cord so he could blast his bad EDM and good hip hop. i still have a headache, but whatevs, $25.

thats right, from LAX down the 405 across the 10 and up the 110 is $25.36.

one of the kids wanted to tip me through the app but i told him it wasnt possible yet, and probably never. whatevs. i only needed one more $25 ride and the goal was mine. didnt really wanna burn gas by going back to LAX and i felt sorta lucky to get the rides i did from there so i drove around DTLA.

got a hot babe and sort of a dickish dude at a bar. she was drunk and all over him, he was playing it cool but saw my cubs hat and complimented Theo for all of his off season moves. put a smile on my face, but the $4 ride only gets me $2.50 so i moved on.

right away i got beeped to what seemed like the LA Times. turned out it was. turned out it was a newish reporter who wanted to go to West Covina (!), turned out i know almost everyone he works with, we had a good chat. $28 so i got an in n out and called it a night. goal met.

150 miles driven to make $100. this is why many consider this once fun and profitable side hustle a grind.

the boys wanted to meet for breakfast on sunday

christopher scheer, ben sullivan, tony pierce

normally im against such things, but i never get to hang with chris and ben

i was at CJ’s soul food at 9am on the dot, the fellas were too.

we sat in a booth in the back and discussed all the good things three bachelors would:

motorboats, journalism, jeff solomon.

as i drove home i realized that even though we chatted for two hours, we never talked about sports

even though we all love sports.

for some reason i considered that a backhanded success.

im procrastinating going out there in the world


it’s super slow to drive. yesterday was ok. but only made like $100. must double that today.

was thinking about just going to the airport and back 10 times and see if i can make $200.

but then i think, is that any way to live?


is sitting around playing last years version of NBA 2k any way to live either?

what is the way to live? lots of my friends have kids, theyre doing whatever the kids wanna do.

thats the furthest removed thing that i remember from my childhood, and i loved my childhood!

id go to the movies but ive seen everything.

not true. still must see:

american sniper, nightcrawler, all the foreign films, and snowpiercer.

maybe i’ll do that tomorrow.

today we eat lunch and drive.

a merry busblog Christmas wish

merry christmasthis is now the 13th Christmas that the busblog has been around. i know, seriously?

almost every day for the last year ive had a struggle about what to post or how.

do i make something fantastical, bizarre, and weird

or do i simply report the facts in a boring way and get on with real life.

ive done my best to mix the two because boring isnt beautiful.

but i have the desire to make things weirder and weirder because thats what hendrix taught us and for some reason we resist.

so heres my plan for the upcoming year.

i have about a dozen secret blogs. theyre all boring, which defeats the purpose.

so on the world famous busblog going forward things will get weird.

then on the super secret down and dirty try to find it korean hackers blog will be the real life tales of the day. like old school journal diary three ring binder omg i cant believe what happened today.

but since nothing in here is true who knows what i’ll do.

my only hope is it isnt boring because the worst thing you could do to your reader is waste their time.

i have to go into work today because my work-from-home computer isnt syncing with my desk computer

then im gonna drive around LA because LA is all sparkley from last weeks rains and blow dried from the winds. it’s gorgeous.

also cuz i miss driving and i get to do it for the next two weeks straight.

too bad i cant bring the kittens.

wish i could.