2/365: ali

ali pixel

every new year i try something impossible

this year im gonna try to take a picture of someone new every day.

yesterday was ken and laura today is ali.

in baseball, if youre a pitcher, you wanna throw the ball so hard

that it quivers a little and scoots in an unpredictable way

they call it a “fastball that moves”.

ali moved into a new apartment when no one was looking.

walking distance to both the beach and lemonade.

we asked a japanese lady what the writing on her glasses said.

she said help im trapped in this glasses factory.

i only have a few regrets in my life

winter classic

i wish i was nicer to a few girlfriends

i wish i had gone to Prague with my friends after college.

i wish i had vested the tens of thousands of nickel stock options from that dot com back in the day

and i wish i had taken that canadian exotic dancer to Buffalo to see the first winter classic six years ago.

for as old as i am to only have a handful of regrets, i guess i’m doing ok.

heres to a year of big accomplishments to make those past stumbles fade easier.