when i was interviewing for jobs people would look at my resume

hitchand they would say wow wow WOW

then they would ask, so if you had that much success, why did all of those places let you go?

and i said, part of me honestly doesnt know.

and another part of me thinks that success looks easy from the peanut gallery, especially how i do it.

i dont run around screaming at people, i dont have tons of useless meetings or bizarre goals.

i keep it simple: lets aim for a number that no one thinks we can hit, and then lets hit it calmly.

but still some of the interviewers were all, yeah ok, but Really why did those places let you go.

only now do i know the story of Hitchcock’s Psyscho, which makes all the sense in the world to me now.

by 1960, Hitch was 60 years old and had a library of classic, moneymaking, killer films under his belt.

you’d think any studio would say, anything you want to do, we’ll do no problem.

he even had a very popular TV series because ppl were starting to fall in love with TV.

so when he presented Psycho to Paramount they said no. he said what? they said no freaking way, no.

so he was all, fine i’ll make it, i’ll bankroll it, it’ll all be me, you can distribute it.

and even then they were all show us what youre up to, let us see the dailies, etc and hitch was all


so when the movie was finished paramount hated it and would only screen it in two movie theatres.

so hitch told the stars Do Not Do Any Press: I will do it all. and because he was super famous it worked.

he did weird press stunts, he had cardboard cutouts of his fat body infront of movie theatres

and he created an air of mystery about the movie that wetted peoples appetites and enticed them to see the film.

his $800,000 investment turned into a $60 million box office smash that was so popular they re-released it in 1965.

showing us all that it doesn’t matter who you are, there will always be people who should know better who dont.

there will always be some people who think they know more about the one thing that you are really the master at.

and its our job to keep doing our thing in the face of disrespect, ignorance, and straight up craziness.

sometimes the lord hardens the hearts of others.

maybe it’s so that you can have a platform to say, oh yeah? watch this.

last night i had sushi and sake with sass (not pictured)


she wanted a change of pace from saito and im always down for a change of pace

so we went up vermont to los feliz to try out starfish which is adorable and close

the waitstaff were nice but impersonal. is that a sushi thing? dont talk to the ppl?

i dont get that. how about the tiniest bit of chitchat to see whats up with them

and then suggestively sell them something or offer recommendations?

the robots are on your heels and they can easily be programmed to just take yr order and bring your crap.

the food was aight. i liked the crispy spicy roll. the sashimi was too cold you could barely taste the flavor.

but of course the company was fantastic. sass doesnt get uptight when i say gross things. thats nice.

earlier in the day i told someone else something and she was all, why would you even Think that

because the mind is a fertile land of imagination, bb. let it do its thing. just say no thanks.

anyways my dreams these last few days under the new xbi meds have been bizarre and colorful.

as you know i dont like dreams when im sleeping. sleep time is for sleeping.