sass means no harm: 6/365


and yet forces keep trying to hold her back.

we we eating the other day and it was painfully obvious that the waitress wanted me to order first

but i kept saying ladies first

it was almost a comedy routine after the third time.

there once was a radio station just over the grapevine. maybe it was modesto. who knows.

for months the guy had bad moon rising playing over and over, no commercials.

the first time i noticed it i listened for a good hour just to see if something was gonna happen

but nope, as soon as it was done playing it started playing again

and i was all, now thats f you money right there.

as i kept driving that summer night i imagined that the guy

(cuz what woman would play fogerty for a year straight on her radio station)

probably just didnt have any friends interested in turning it into a talk station

and i thought, i wish i was your friend, cuz ive got friends who know a few things.

sass knows a few things

and she says them very sweetly.

people would wanna hear that going 89 miles per hour

outta merced.

I like writing you via esp but

molly ringwald

it capitalizes my sentences and that’s just not me.

Diane Von F was in the building today bc they are doing this art show about her downstairs.

You should see all the fanciness.

I’ve lived in LA for quite a while and it’s like wind. The coolness and action is like the sunshine and wind. You need shades and a light jacket to keep some of it off you or you’ll get burned. You just want a little bronzing.

If say Bill Murray walks past just give him a high five and keep moving.

If Bill Clinton cruises by just wink

If angus young crosses your path freak out but just don’t do that with everyone and things will be ok. It’s hard at first. I know.

The first star I encountered, mere months before The Breakfast Club dropped was miss Molly ringwald and I nearly fell right over. it was an all-ages rock club called madame wong’s west in west LA and we were there to see the rave ups play. seperately, but you know.

i remember they had an upstairs that had ms pac man and defender and i saw those and i was all holy cow

and then i turned and saw molly and said

what strange land have i moved to.

decades later i have learned a few things about the stars, theyre just like us.

they want real love, a reliably fast internet connection

and every now and then for the 405 to not be a royal pain in the ass.

rich or poor, man or woman, redheaded or bald,

sometimes we all just need to get to the valley.