Pat Z asks: Should NBC allow Bob Costas to open his mouth at all during the Olympics?

bill murraymy problem is im never the demographic.

the target audience is either older or young, whiter or blacker

richer or poorer, or more female than me.

they either want homeowners or homosexuals

school kids or school teachers, soccer moms or soccer fans

they never want me. they never want someone who keeps it real, says whats true

and doesnt feel the need to blow a bunch of hot air at you before they get to their point if they have one.

to me everyone in sports broadcasting should be either harry caray funny, vin scully old school,

scott ferrell new school, or chris berman.

costas thinks what hes saying is literature. and there is probably an audience for that.

but how are you gonna sell me beer after every other commercial but have this wine sipping intellect

lecture at me whenever he rocks the mic? it doesnt match. and for some reason they pay him more than

any other person on the airwaves, which means they actually omg want him to open his mouth.

there may be a day when i start understanding how this world turns but until then

im just the sand in the hour glass: victim to gravity trying to suck my ass down.