aaron asks, “How does the MLB HOF go about fixing the BBWAA?”


the only curses i believe exist in this world are in baseball.

i think that because the red sox traded babe ruth for the rights to a play,

they were jinxed from the world series for decades


i believe that when the cubs wouldnt let that dude bring his goat inside wrigley field,

that they’ve been cursed ever since


and i believe that when two and a half baseball commissioners refused to let pete rose

baseballs finest hitter, enter the hall of fame,

the hall became will cursed and will remain so until this is corrected.

sorry,  mike piazza.


therefore it’s not the major league baseball hall of fame that has to fix the baseball writers of america

its that the mlb hof needs to stop being hypocritical about who they let in and who they dont.

it is their terrible lead that is inspiring silly acts by the writers.


i have a suggestion: if the feats that took place counted on the field, then they should count off the field.

so if a guy miraculously racks up over 4,000 hits, and then retires and does dumb things while he’s no longer a player

and if all of those hits still count in the record book, then thats what should be rewarded and celebrated

and he, the man who did it, should also be rewarded and celebrated.


likewise if someone, even someone you dont like, hits more home runs than anyone.

regardless of if he worked out deals with the league office or didnt work out deals with the league office.

if those home runs counted in the games then it should count in the hall.


or else get used to the curse and the foulness and the incomplete feeling that your so called special thing has

and know this is your fault, hall of fame, and you who dont deserve them

and not the other way around.