dear etienne


yr brother and i had a really good night.

i picked him up at Pinks, he didnt like his hot dog, so we drove around hollywood to west hollywood to beverly hills

and finally stopped on 3rd street and had a drink before we went to the fonut store

fonut is a new donut thats made out of magic and air and negative calories.

you lose weight eating it.

you also go back in time a little.

only drawback: theyre $3.50 each. but you get to talk to a pretty girl.

heres what i said to her which you would have called flirting but i woulda called journalistism

busblog: it must be really hard to not eat every donut in here

babe: oh yeah super hard, but i havent eaten one in a year

ok enough stories, im exhausted, we drank and ate and drank and ate and drank water

and walked around and now im pooped. i tell you more tomorrow when im more alive