1. Sunday, January 5, 2014

    dont hate me bc it’s beautiful 


    no interest in football this sunday so i drove down hollywood blvd and get a quick hike in


    everyones favorite dog park was packed because it was 72 degrees which rose to 75 while i was out there


    i also wanted to check out the new stairs by the empty mansion


    otherwise known as the $12 million crib that no one wants so they stopped hikers from walking so close to it


    which is kinda a weird thing to do when you build a house on a hill night next to a super popular hiking trail


    the new stairs were surprisingly rickety and bouncy. hopefully this is just the first stage of construction


    because people who use these stairs are pretty athletic and they will def be running on them and lighting them on fire.


    in the olden days you could just walk aside the empty home  but in the last few months they put up a few fences to detour you to the right


    some may complain but it’s a small price to pay for these beautiful January views


    dont let my mom see these signs


    shoutout to dude with the ankle weights who the girls were laughing at. but dem calves!


    oh forgot, the dogs liked peeing on the stairs too.


    after the hike i saw this cool new Robbie Conal poster


    and this handsome devil in a circus mirror


    the girls said we’d come here more often but the parking is terrible, i was all yeah it is but i have an idea


    for blocks and blocks around Runyon it’s no parking unless you have a permit.

    but anyone with a permit just parks in their garage or driveway.

    so im thinking, put parking meters on the street. $2 an hour. 2 hours max.


    and then give all the money raised to the neighbors of that hood.

    problem solved. everybody wins.

    yr welcome