i’m occasionally reminded of the time I called Javier Bardem “Frenchy”

cricketer-wallpaperrich asks “If you were to create an Oscar category that you would be a shoo-in to win, what would it be?”

oh that’s easy “Worst Film Critic”.

i love movies. love love love them.

but im a weirdo. i dont like to know who is gonna be in the film, i dont like to know who directed it. and for damn sure i dont wanna know any of the plot.

im not that interested in the names of the actors or where theyre from.

and im in the weird minority of people who Demand a good ending or i’m going to feel disappointed in the whole deal.

when i was running LAist i had zero time to do anything that kept me away from my computer. i was obsessed. it was super fun but it burned me out mentally and rarely did i have a moment where i wasn’t thinking of ways to make that blog better.

in the weeks leading up to my departure at LAist so i could move to the LAT i found myself doing things i had missed. one of them was watch a damn film. my local theatre had No Country For Old Men in it so i went and wrote this review about how i liked the film but because its ending was flawed it was not a GREAT movie.

i liked controversial headlines, and especially in pre-Facebook days of SEO the headline “Why No Country For Old Men Isn’t A Great Film” got us a lot of readers – and thus debate.

one of the things i should have remembered from political debates on blogs is dont make silly mistakes on small details or the discussions will inadvertently swerve away from your important points and get bogged down in ridiculous detours.

even though id seen Javier Bardem in other movies, i didnt know his full story and i called him Frenchy. sorta mimicking what a guy like Mike Royko (or better, his alter ego Slats Grobnik) would  say in the back of the theatre.

that went over the heads of the sensitive souls who A-Dored the film and they wrote me off immediately.

probably for good reason.

anyways i hate giving away the plot or any of the normal things that most film critics easily divulge in their writings. thus most of my reviews are cryptic, uninformed, and intentionally broad. i pay way more attention to the story arc, the growth of the characters, and if the audience clapped at the end than i probably should.

good thing i got this pretty face or id starve.