Long day yesterday omg


one of the interesting things about the Oscars is Nominations Day which is really Nominations Morning

all through the night the nice people of Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Academy work together

in an amazingly secure building where telephones are confiscated, the Internet is turned off

no tweeting

and communication with the outside world is forbidden.

PWC make sure the votes are accurately counted and the Academy feverishly puts together materials for the press


this happens all night long because at 5am all of the entertainment press are fed breakfast at the Academy HQ

and then ushered into the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre to get set up for the announcement


then at exactly 5:38am Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and ridiculously dashing Chris Hemsworth reveal the noms

for some reason i didnt know Thor was so tall or had such an interesting Aussie accent


afterwards all the reporters broadcast right there from the theatre to all over the world


then we rush back to our offices to put together graphics that end up on our site and social media streams


big shout out to my cohort Vanessa who knocked these out beautifully while the clock ticked in the early AM


meanwhile another group of staffers, with white gloves, gently stuff the envelopes for the fortunate nominees

so they can be invited to the Nominees luncheon, the Academy Awards, and the Governors Ball.

it is a week of tough preparations followed by a day or two of hurry up and dont wait.

thus at 2pm when i finally left the office i was exhausted and just wanted a taco with a nice girl from canada


luckily there was one in town who bought me a variety of nosegays and took me on a tour of DTLA


which concluded with a rooftop reunion with another canadian which is the way every day should end


truly exhausted i couldnt even make it to my hollywood bachelor pad so i drove to my secret DTLA lair

and saw a Deadhead spare tire cover on a Land Rover and sang

dont look back you can never go back.

got 10 hours sleep, woke up, and blogged to you