1. Thursday, January 9, 2014

    people have problems with selfies for some reason 


    personally, i enjoy seeing what people are up to out there


    especially mi amigos up there in canada


    someone told me david lynch is making some more twin peaks entertainment

    you know what ive always said, ive always said that hbo should pay david lynch

    to bring back twin peaks on hbo and let him do all the things he does in his movies

    and then some.

    let david lynch have a blank slate and unbridled tv every week and see what happens.

    thats what ive always said about that.


    i think the reason i wasnt as into frozen as everyone else is is because

    this little princess is going to be hard to top for a little while


    showtime should let john waters have a tv show too.


    and why hasnt mtv let marilyn manson and courtney love take over mtv news?

    but do music news every evening the way they do the regular evening news.


    i bet you that anchor team would get a few eyeballs, if done right


    (nana nana nana nana batman)


    i miss mad men


    love, i cant wait to go to coachella