1. Tuesday, January 7, 2014

    sass means no harm: 6/365 


    and yet forces keep trying to hold her back.

    we we eating the other day and it was painfully obvious that the waitress wanted me to order first

    but i kept saying ladies first

    it was almost a comedy routine after the third time.

    there once was a radio station just over the grapevine. maybe it was modesto. who knows.

    for months the guy had bad moon rising playing over and over, no commercials.

    the first time i noticed it i listened for a good hour just to see if something was gonna happen

    but nope, as soon as it was done playing it started playing again

    and i was all, now thats f you money right there.

    as i kept driving that summer night i imagined that the guy

    (cuz what woman would play fogerty for a year straight on her radio station)

    probably just didnt have any friends interested in turning it into a talk station

    and i thought, i wish i was your friend, cuz ive got friends who know a few things.

    sass knows a few things

    and she says them very sweetly.

    people would wanna hear that going 89 miles per hour

    outta merced.