todays ashley’s birthday, shes 32

ashleyashley often complains that i use old photos of her on here so this is a recent one from around halloween.

hard to believe it has been 13 years since the busblog was first introduced to the daisy princess.

since then somethings have changed and some have stayed the same.

yes she still lives in las vegas

as you can see she still has beautiful hair

she is the mother of a gorgeous little girl

she still adores miss drew barrymore

she is still running (with her bff anne) the perfectly named Drewseum.

she still has two sisters

her favorite movie is still Scream

she still loves coming to hollywood and visiting places where her favorite movies were shot

halloween is still her favorite day of the year

she still loves diet coke

she still loves disneyland

her favorite band is still no doubt

and her first stop on the web every day is still the world famous busblog, incorporated, llc

when i was sports editor of the daily nexus i had an assistant who was so much more suited for the job that i stepped down and let her take over

rarely have i had that feeling about any gig ive had

and as much as i love my new job, if ashley lived in LA id be tempted to hand it over to her because she would be fantastic at it and i think about her all the time when i’m assigned things.

but ashley has a very important role on the planet and it is based in the magical town in the desert, which is still her favorite place in the world.