1. Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    todays cool person a day is a famous fashion icon 

    diane von furstenburg

    last night i was just minding my own bees wax talking to a security guard

    when legendary diane von furstenburg approached me and held out her hand.

    she had just been hosting another party to celebrate her celebrated wrap dress

    which she created 40 years ago and i dont know if she thought i was famous or pathetic

    or the valet but there she was and i had seen her face every day for the last few months

    because they had been building her #JourneyOfADress show in the first floor of our building

    but there she was in the flesh and the most i could say was

    may i take a picture of you for my mom?

    and she said of course!

    and then she said, hey come in here (motioning to the security guard)

    and made him pose for a second one. which i thought was amazing. and true.

    with security guard