went to see the lego movie because bree said it was killer


i was all, but i really just wanna sit at home and watch something good on my tv and recover from my ills


she was all, get out of your bed old man and walk around a little, lay in bed when yr dead


one of the things i hated when that stone was in me was how much i hated things, so i said fine


and no matter what came my way that was dumb i did my best not to hate it


so i turned off bad netflix and went to the vista and it was packed, mostly with little kids who were awesome


the movie was fantastic, ive never heard so much applause at the end, and i gotta say, movie of the year so far


afterwards i thought about this girl i knew who a day after i met her was doing nude backbends in my bed

and i thought you have zero reasons to be mad at the world, old man,

especially now that youre minus one evil stone